Maintaining a constant supply of high-quality grass can be achieved by walking paddocks weekly and measuring the amount of grass on the farm. Poor grazing management leads to a fluctuation in pre-grazing yields, with problems of not enough or too much grass on the farm. When used in conjunction with regular farm walks the Jenquip Plate Meter can be a vital part of your grassland management decisions. The data collected will generate valuable information for future farm management decisions with the help of Pasturebase Ireland and Agrinet.

One method of grass measuring is with a Jenquip Plate Meter. We are the main Irish stockists of Jenquip Plate Meters, with over 26 years of experience. When walking each paddock you should take 30 measurements, dropping the plate meter every 3 to 4 steps. The Plate Meter must be dropped straight down, avoid rolling it like a walking stick as that will affect your readings. Avoid unrepresentative areas such as gaps, water troughs and tracks from machinery. The number of measurements (drops) to be taken should range between 20 and 40 per paddock however this will be determined by the variance existing in the cover. Electronic Plate Meters will beep when you hit 29 with a stronger beep at 30 drops.

Starting off with the Manual Plate Meter. The Manual Plate Meter has two simple counters which are used to calculate the available cover per paddock. Record the opening reading on the bottom counter before you start and the closing reading when you finish using the following formula to calculate your available cover.

(Closing Reading -Opening Reading / No. of readings) = Height
Height X 140 +500 – 1500

Electronic Jenquip Plate Meters

With the EC09 Plate Meter, it will do the calculations for you, displaying the average farm cover on the display. The available cover must be manually recorded as there is no recording feature on the EC09.

The EC10 Plate Meter has the same functions as the EC09 but records each reading for each paddock, The EC10 is then connected to your PC with a USB lead to upload the farm walk to Pasturebase or Agrinet.

The EC20 Plate Meter connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. You can set up multiple farms if required. Easily edit all formulas and setting through your app. The farm walk can be directly uploaded to your grass management software such as AgriNet and Pasturebase Ireland from the app.

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