Dairy Livestock Services


Sourcing & selling of dairy livestock

Grasstec provides Dairy Livestock Services including sourcing, importing and exporting livestock to exact specifications for farmers in Ireland, the UK and across Europe.

We act as sales agents between buyers & sellers of livestock. We make the sourcing & selling of livestock an efficient and hassle-free process.

  • For farmers looking to sell livestock, we only bring farmers who have been carefully selected based on the stock they require to purchase
  • Both the buyer and seller negotiate a price that is agreeable to both parties ensuring a transparent sale process
  • No livestock are moved without payment in advance

Grasstec Limited – Terms And Conditions Of Service

Dairy Livestock Services

Dairy Breed Types

Grasstec Livestock Services provides for all systems, from low input grazing type to high input indoor systems, and for all dairy breed types from Jersey to Friesian to Fleckveih and many more. Providing all stock types, cows, heifers and calves.

  • For farmers looking to purchase livestock, we carefully vet animals based on the buyer’s criteria
  • We only take buyers to see livestock that have been vetted
  • Spread of disease is minimised when buying through our agency opposed to buying through a livestock mart
  • We take care of the health testing, documentation and transportation to make the sales process for farmers as simple as possible

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  • We deal with minimum batches of 10