Livestock Wanted


Have You got Livestock For Sale?

Dairy Livestock Wanted by Grasstec. We act as sales agents between buyers & sellers of livestock. We make the sourcing & selling of livestock an efficient and hassle-free process.

  • We only bring farmers who have been carefully selected based on the stock they require to purchase
  • We bring the buyers to the farms that are selling livestock and assist with the viewing
  • Both the buyer and seller negotiate a price that is agreeable to both parties ensuring a transparent sale process
  • No Stock Movement without payment in advance
  • We welcome listings from Ireland, UK and Europe

We are looking to source:

  • In-calf cows & heifers
  • Calved/Milking cows
  • Bulling Heifers
  • Calves

Grasstec Livestock Services provides for all systems, from low input grazing type to high input indoor systems, and for calving patterns.

Dairy Livestock Wanted

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