Herd Valuations


Looking to get a herd valuation?

At Grasstec we carry out Herd Valuations for dairy farmers in Ireland & The UK.

Who is availing of our service & why?

  • Farms where more than one owner exists on the operational side of the business and want up to date valuations for the balance sheet.
  • Where a retiring dairy farmer is looking to lease their land and wants to sell their herd to the person leasing the farm from them. We provide an independent valuation based on market conditions.
  • Farmers considering selling their herd want an assessment before they make their final decision whether to sell or not.
  • A farmer considering changing their cow type and want to determine the value of their existing herd versus what it would cost to replace with another group.
  • We carry out valuations for all types of dairy stock including young stock and mature cows irrespective of the production system.

Why consider Grasstec for your Herd Valuation?

  • Grasstec runs the largest trading platform for dairy stock in Ireland whilst also having a large presence in the UK.
  • We have a network of agents across Ireland & The UK whose sole focus is the sourcing and sale of dairy stock for farmers giving our agents huge market understanding at any one time.
  • We have a deep understanding of dairy farming and have many years of experience working in the sector.

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