Bosch AdvancedShear 18V-10 Grass Shears


Bosch AdvancedShear 18V-10 Grass Shears.


Bosch AdvancedShear 18V-10 Grass Shears.

The versatile cordless AdvancedShear 18V-10 is designed for single-handed use. Due to its 18V POWER FOR ALL battery, it provides the strongest cutting performance in its range. The patented Anti-blocking system and the dual-action blades ensure impressive precision as well as continuous cutting with no jamming. Capable of up to 85 minutes of battery runtime.

Compact and strong: Versatile, powerful grass shear.

Flexible 18V-tool with two blades.

Powerful yet compact in size: 18V power.

Cordless. Single-handed use.

Up to 85 sqm per battery charge on average. Syneon Technology regulates energy use for optimal efficiency and longer runtime.



How to Measure Grass Using a Quadrant, Shears and Scales
• A 0.5m x 0.5m quadrant is placed in an area that is representative of the amount of grass in the paddock.
• Knock water off the grass before cutting if wet.
• The grass within the quadrant is cut to between 3.5 and 4cm.
• The following equation is used to calculate the DM yield in the paddock: Weight of grass (kg) x grass DM% x 40,000 = kg DM/ha in the paddock

Example: Grass cut within the quadrat weighs 200g (0.200 kg)

(Remember to subtract the weight of the empty bag) Grass DM% = 16% (0.16) 0.200 kg x 0.16 x 40,000 (there are 40,000 quadrants in a hectare) = 1,280 kg DM/ha.



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