Group Water


Group Water Management Services

Grasstec’s Group Water Management Systems provides a digital database including a detailed interactive map to enable users to record specific information on group members such as meter readings, repairs carried out and to produce a statement of account.

As with all Group Water Schemes in Ireland, there is a huge amount of undocumented infrastructure. With the use of GPS surveying equipment Grasstec gathers all the locations of the key infrastructural aspect of the scheme, such as the location of the water meter, sluice valves, fire hydrants and location of water pipes.

We provide a detailed map for the location of all the infrastructure starting from the main pump house. Each water meter is assigned to a customer with the relevant Eircode for the house. We also provide a digital database, which can record information specific to group members like meter readings, any repairs carried out, prepare a statement of account etc.

group water management
Grasstec Group Water Schemes


A survey of the route for the group water scheme is carried out using GPS equipment.

  • This survey will identify locations of water meters, sluice valves, fire hydrants, location of water pipes etc.
  • Data is processed to produce a digital map, where the locations of all water infrastructure, including water meters, sluice valves etc. are clearly shown on an overall plan to the entire scheme.
  • A unique house number is assigned to each dwelling along with a corresponding Eircode. Information is recorded, managed and a statement of account is then produced.
  • Information can be recorded and managed on our specially created software allowing usage to be monitored.