Weekly Grassland Management Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm No.9  – 10th August (week 33)


  • Growth 63.9kg DM/ha (75.9)            
  • AFC 716kg DM/ha (668)
  • Cover/cow 250kg DM (236)
  • Demand/ha 48.7kg DM/ha (47.7)


  • MS/cow 1.96kg (2.03)
  • Fat 4.19% (4.27)
  • Protein 3.59% (3.56)

*previous weeks figures in brackets

Rotation length extended to 25 days this week. The demand line has increased as the meal has been reduced by 0.5kg and the SR has increased as we are reseeding 4 paddocks (3.33ha). Most of the paddocks were sprayed off last Thursday with round-up. The grass seed mix may include AberChoice, AberGain, Kintyre and Tyrella with a higher mix of tetraploids than diploids as the farm is prone to drought. Varieties need to have high DM production in the spring to support compact calving herds and high autumn DM production to support the 300 day grazing on this farm; there is no housing facilities at the robot so cows must be out until they are dried off.

Milk solids have dropped slightly over the last week possibly due to the fact they were grazing out paddocks in B and C that are due for reseeding. Cows are entering A3, B3, and C2 this week at covers of 1400-1500kg DM/ha. The grass is not stemmy and so, cows are grazing out the paddocks very well to 50kg DM/ha. The farm did not receive as much rain as the west coast of Ireland (15mm) so our ground conditions have not changed

Autumn Budget

aut budget 10th aug

Agrinet Data

wedge 10th aug



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