• Growth 66.9kg DM/ha (67.8)             
  • AFC 567kg DM/ha (520)
  • Cover/cow 200kg DM (184)
  • Demand/ha 48.2kg DM/ha (49.5)


  • MS/cow 2.02kg (2.19)
  • Fat 4.14% (4.23)
  • Protein 3.46% (3.51)

*previous weeks Grassland managment figures in brackets

We baled out C5 and C6 on Wednesday; re growth is good considering a heavy cover of 1800kg DM/ha. The rest of the C paddocks have good growths of 65kg DM/ha and cows are cleaning them out well. The B paddocks have a low AFC of 500kg DM/ha and lower growths of 36kg DM/ha. This is probably because B is still recovering from the soil moisture deficit. It would have harder ground than A & C as these had growths of 80kg and 65kg DM/ha. The A paddocks have all greened up now and are growing very well (80kg). We have the times changed back to 4pm – 10pm.

The cows have been getting 2.5kg of meal for the last 10+ weeks. This week, they have dropped from 27.5l to 26l on average and milk solids are back to 2kg. We will look at the next milk results to see how the milk solids are. If they stay at 2kg or less, we will drop our meal to 2kg at least as their required DMI will be lowered.

Agrinet Data




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