Weekly Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm – 10th September (week 37)


  • Growth 46kg DM/ha (75)            
  • AFC 730kg DM/ha (667)
  • Cover/cow 283kg DM (259)
  • Demand/ha 44kg DM/ha (33.5)


  • MS/cow 1.83kg (1.82)
  • Fat 4.7% (4.61)
  • Protein 3.68% (3.61)

*previous weeks figures in brackets

Currently, cows are milking well at 21 litres at the start of this week; milk solids are at 1.83kg, with protein (and possibly milk yield) expected to rise now as the baled silage has been removed from the diet since Tuesday. They are going into covers of 1200-1400kg DM/ha, with around 60% clover content, so they are grazing out the covers very well. We took the silage out now as they are grazing ideal covers; we want the cows to graze them out well and do not want the cows going into heavy covers of >1500kg DM/ha. In robotic systems, heavy covers will reduce cow movement which reduces cow milkings/day and therefore, would reduce milk yield. Cows are still averaging 2.5 milkings/cow/day (even with the silage in the diet).

B1, C1, C7, C10 (C14, C17) were sown with a one pass and rolled last Saturday. The seed
mixture was 3.5kg AberGain, 3kg Kintyre, 2.25kg Drumbo and 2.25kg AberChoice (65% Tetraploid, 45% Diploid) with 0.5kg of Aberherald. These paddocks will get 2 bags of 18:6:12 today. The rest of the farm will get a bag of CAN to extend of grazing season to around December 10th. By then, we would aim to have around 40-50% of the diet coming from grass.

10th Sept Aut Bud


Agrinet Data

wedge 10th Sept