Weekly Grassland Management Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm – 12th July (week 29)


  • Growth 67.8kg DM/ha (50.3)             
  • AFC 520kg DM/ha (614)
  • Cover/cow 184kg DM (186)
  • Demand/ha 49.5kg DM/ha (49.5)


  • MS/cow 2.19kg (1.96)
  • Fat 4.23% (4.07)
  • Protein 3.51% (3.41)

*previous weeks figures in brackets

We are following the cows with CAN – all the A paddocks and the grazed out B and C paddocks received 20 units/acre on Friday. We cut the baled silage out of the diet by Wednesday as growths were higher than expected. There was 23mm of rain which helped the soil moisture deficit; grass is not heading out as much so the quality has improved. This has improved the milk solids from 1.96kg to 2.19kg this week.

We will bale out C5 and C6 as the covers are too heavy to graze. We will try to graze C7 next, but may have to bale out some of the paddock. The A and B paddocks grass quality are improving; they are less stemmy as we have had rainfall and growths are in the 60’skg DM/ha. 3ha of silage ground will be available next week for grazing. The rotation length is set at 20 days as we expect growth to be between 55-70kg DM/ha next week. There is rain forecast and temperatures are to be in the late teens.

Map of the Robot Grazing Farm

map farm

The robots are in the center of the farm to allow ABC grazing. There is one main lane which allows access to the A Paddocks and the B Paddocks. The A paddocks are laid out in a cartwheel style so all the entrances to the paddocks are close; this requires less lanes. The C Paddocks are accessed via a new cow lane that is 2m wide.



Agrinet Data




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“I teach farmers how to measure grass and the discipline needed to do weekly farm walks. I show them how to input their data onto Agrinet and how to understand the grass wedge. Each week presents a different scenario on the farm so it’s crucial that the farmer can interpret the data in order to make informed decisions. Grasstec consultants are available in Ireland and the UK.”

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