Muller Slurry Flow Meter

Our ISO Bus flow meter will connect to any IsoBus screen and load the flow meter program. within the program, you can set the measurement units, application width and target rate. The system then gives a target speed that the operator will need to drive at. It also shows an actual speed which is got from the tractor, if applicable.

There are 3 options for the stand-alone flow meters:

  1. The standalone remote head flow meter which gives flow only
  2. The Bluetooth Flow Meter with 7” tablet
  3. The ISO bus Flowmeter. The ISO Bus flowmeter can be used through the GFX screen and can be run as a spit screen through the PIQ app. This flow meter solution run with Task Control would give traceability records to the user.

Option two and three give the target forward speed needed for application rate and record capabilities.

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Slurry Flow Meter

Muller Slurry Flow Meter

Complete ISO Bus solutions available from Muller on controlling slurry spreading application rates as well as complete traceability and proof of placement.

The Muller Flow meter includes Flow control, NIR sensor and hydraulic function capabilities via an Isobus controller.

These systems can be retrofitted on existing slurry tanker dribble bars, trailing shoes and slurry injection systems. Full retrofit ISOBus kits are available to retrofit into older tractors that don’t have ISOBus. Tractor guidance and steering can also be added to these systems.

The Muller Flow Meter will adjust the flow of slurry to match your target rate giving you complete control of your slurry application.

Including flow meter, Flow control, NIR sensor and hydraulic function capabilities via an Isobus controller.

Video with UCD explaining how the Flow Meter works. ->

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