by Jordan Molloy Grassland Consultant


The Grazeway Gate is a selection gate. It installed at the exit point of the shed – it is the only way possible for a cow to exit the shed. The Grazeway Gate identifies each cow through her responder. There are three options possible when a cow enters the gate:

  1. She is returned to the shed as she is due for milking and will not be allowed exit until she does so.
  2. She is allowed access to a paddock.
  3. She is routed into a separation room.

The paddock she enters depends on the time of day. For example, the times may be as follows:

Paddock A from 8am – 4pm

Paddock B from 4pm – 12am

Paddock C from 12am – 8am

Cows quickly learn these times and settle into a routine. Cows that are milked 3 times a day will enter all ABC paddocks. Cows that are milked between 2-2.5 times a day may ‘skip’ a paddock, depending on her milk times. Each cow will have a completely different and independent milking routine. The cows are not relying on each other to get milked compared to a herd in a conventional system.




jordanJordan Molloy – Grazing Consultant,  @Jordanmolloy22

“I teach farmers how to measure grass and the discipline needed to do weekly farm walks. I show them how to input their data onto Agrinet and how to understand the grass wedge. Each week presents a different scenario on the farm so it’s crucial that the farmer can interpret the data in order to make informed decisions. Grasstec consultants are available in Ireland and the UK.”

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