We catch up with Nicholas kelly dairy farming in Kilkenny to discuss his slurry management with an Aeration System. Lisa Joyce from Dairypower to discuss their Aeration System and Ciaran O’Toole of Keadeen Dairy Services Ltd to discuss the installation process.



Slurry Management with an Aeration System

This aeration system has an electric drive unit which operates on a high volume & low-pressure basis, this smooth operation doesn’t disturb the animals. The unique fully automatic Dairypower rotary valve aerates a section of the slurry tank for set time periods. This process eliminates the build-up of dangerous gases like methane and hydrogen sulphide, which are associated with manually agitating slurry. The system can be retrofitted to any tank. Slurry is in an ideal state to be used with low emission slurry spreading equipment i.e. dribble bar, shallow injection spreader etc.


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