Trusti Tuber Calf Feeder




Product Description

Trusti Tuber is a unique new colostrum-feeding kit. Its design ensures tubing is safer, easier and more comfortable for the calf. It allows feeding to be done more quickly and with less stress for both calf and farmer.

Developed in response to farmer and vet concerns around calf safety, calf comfort and usability with traditional esophageal feeders.  The Trusti Tuber not only prevents bruising and injury to your calf, it also makes the procedure easier for you.  With a very easy swallowing and comfortable design, struggling is reduced and stress minimised, allowing you to relax and focus on providing the best calf care without the concerns.


  • Easy to swallow.
  • No bruising or injury.
  • No pressure on airway.

Farmers have consistently reported how much easier the Trust Tubers are to use and how much happier their calves are.  We decided to prove this in trials and found an 88% reduction in behavioral calf stress compared with more rigid feeders.  Procedure time was almost halved due to the smoother process.

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