Bale Silage Sampler


Stainless steel Bale Silage Sampler for analysing the quality of your silage


Our small Bale Silage Sampler is 0.9 meters long.

The sample length taken each time is 150 mm. Each sample needs to be removed by using something like a screwdriver.

It’s important to know the quality of your silage as it will be your cow’s staple food for up to 6 months, so knowing its exact feed quality is critical. When you send your silage to be tested the results will give you the dry matter percentage, protein percentage and energy value of the silage as well as other valuable information that can help you formulate your winter diet.

If the results are poor, it will allow you to replenish the silage at the right rate to ensure the cattle thrive. Spending on silage samples is now very small compared to the results of low winter live weight gains that may only be achieved next spring.

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