Quad Bike Roll Bar


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Improve quad bike safety on your farm with our Quad Bike Roll Bar. It is flexible and absorbs the impact of an upturned quad in the event of a rollover.


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Quad Bike Roll Bar – Designed to save lives and prevent major injury


Our Quad Bike Roll Bar is a flexible arc that mounts on the rear carrier of a quad bike to provide space under an upturned quad in the event of a rollover.

How the “Lifeguard” Works

This Quad Bike Roll Bar is unique in the fact that it is flexible and absorbs impact, and because of its passive nature, there is a lot less chance of injury being inflicted on the rider by the unit itself.

Due to the flexibility, enables the “Lifeguard” to deform or deflect in shape if it comes in contact with a person’s body or limbs yet it is not able to collapse altogether. This means it can hold the back of the Quad up off the ground sufficiently to help prevent the rider from being crushed underneath. It has taken Quad Safety to a whole new level and already proving itself.

Another great feature of the “LifeGuard”, is when the Quad rolls, and even if the “LifeGuard” doesn’t come in contact with the rider, it will provide space under the Quad, also spreading the weight and making it quite possible to push the bike off you.

The danger of a conventional Roll Bar fitted to a Quad, is the possibility of the quad rolling and throwing the rider off, and as the Quad rolls further, the roll bar could strike the rider on the ground, inflicting injury or death. Most if not all other roll bars are a solid ridged pipe or bar of steel, and although strong and can give crush protection, is rather unforgiving if they strike the rider, and can exert the full weight of the Quad at the point of contact.

How Is The Quad Bike Roll Bar Mounted To The Quad?

The ATV “LifeGuard” simply clamps to the rear carrier of your Quad, fitting most makes and models. Severe rollover testing has proved that this method is highly effective as the flexible character of the “LifeGuard” soaks up the impact, and the carrier can easily sustain the forces required.

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