Milking Gown, Sleeves & Accessory Bag Bundle


This bundle includes: 1-Drytex Long Sleeve Milking Gown, 1- Drytex Milking Sleeves with Rubber Cuff and 1-Accessory Bag.


Drytex- Long Sleeve Milking Gown

Waterproof, flexible and lightweight for non-restrictive movement in the parlour.

Waterproof and breathable
Durable and washable
Long sleeves with elasticated cuffs
Velcro fastening and waist tie strings for adjustment
Utility pocket in the front with easy access.

Dyrtex-Milking Sleeves with Rubber Cuff

Comfortable milking sleeves with waterproof rubber cuff.

  • Rubber cuff for comfortable, secure fit at wrist
  • Easy to wear, waterproof and breathable clothing
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 70% Breathable

Accessory Bag

Handy for items like dirty paper towels, cloth towels, mastitis tubes and alcohol, BST & oxytocin injections and inflation plugs.

Additional information

Milking Gown Size

M, L, XL

Milking Sleeve Size

S, M, L, XL

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