Manual Plate Meter



This Manual Plate Meter is accurate, robust and easy-to-use for measuring pasture cover in grass paddocks. The unique folding handle design and removable plate also make the Filip’s Manual Folding Plate Meter easy to transport, store and carry between paddocks.

The hand-calibrated aluminium plate produces highly repeatable results for accuracy that’s second only to cutting, drying and weighing pasture samples, a method that’s impractical on-farm. The result is a series of accurate measurements of grass height that also accounts for any variation in pasture density.

Two simple counters total the meter readings taken and count the number of individual readings, allowing quick and easy calculation of an average reading for each paddock.

Also available with electronic plate counters as the Filip’s Electronic Folding Plate Meters. The electronic plate counters can be purchased separately as upgrade kits for any existing Filip’s Folding Plate Meter.


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