Jenquip is the leading manufacturer of grass-measuring equipment, with different models available to suit individual users’ requirements.  The EC-09 Electronic Grass Plate Meter automatically records each reading, displaying the average cover in KG DM /HA. Different pasture cover calculation formulas can be entered.  The selected formula remains in use until changed. With our EC09 Plate Meter, the available or total cover will be displayed but must be manually recorded after each paddock is finished. We recommend 30 drops per paddock. The Plate Meter will indicate with a beep when you have 29 measurements taken and follow with a stronger beep once 30 measurements have been reached.

Jenquip Electronic EC09 Plate Meter

  • Integrated design – no loose mounts!
  • Protected potentiometer
  • Less maintenance
  • No bottom plastic to come loose
  • The retained battery holder cannot fall out
  • The counter can be retrofitted to any Jenquip Plate Meter

An accurate and robust electronic grass plate meter for measuring covers in grass paddocks that’s straightforward to use and simple to understand.

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As part of derogation, farmers must participate in grassland management requirements, including grass measuring and annual grass production recording. Applicants must complete a minimum of 20 grass measurements on PastureBase Ireland. Our Grass measuring equipment can help make this an easier and more efficient process. Learn more about PastureBase Ireland here

Grass Measuring – Maintaining a constant supply of high-quality green leafy grass can be easily achieved by walking paddocks weekly and measuring the amount of grass on the farm. Poor grazing management leads to a fluctuation in pre-grazing yields, with problems of not enough or too much grass on the farm. We have a wide range of grass measuring equipment for sale including Jenquip Plate Meters and Grass Shears, Scales and Quadrants for cut and weigh measuring of grass. Measuring will help to maintain a constant supply of high-quality grass. The potential to achieve high levels of productivity from grazed grass gives Irish farmers a major competitive advantage over many of their European and global counterparts.



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