EC 20 Upgrade For Manual Plate Meter


Upgrading from a Manual Plate Meter? You can trade-in your counter and click for more information contact us on 022 27610

Manual Plate Meter Manual Plate Meter


EC20 Plate Meter equipped with Bluetooth is accurate and robust for measuring pasture cover in grass paddocks that are straightforward to use and simple to understand. Complete with Android or IOS App using proven equipment technology, for easy use and data management.

The Jenquip App displays available covers and grass height. Residuals and equations are easily changed if required.

The farm walk can be directly uploaded to your grass management software such as AgriNet and Pasture Base Ireland.

This EC20 Plate Meter requires an android or IOS device. Works on any smartphone.

Maintaining a constant supply of high quality green leafy grass can be easily achieved by walking paddocks weekly and measuring the amount of grass on the farm. Poor grazing management leads to fluctuation in pre-grazing yields, with problems of not enough or too much grass on the farm.

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