Dehorning Crate


The ODEL dehorning crate makes dehorning calves a safe and easy process for both the animal and the handler.

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Dehorning Crate

Dehorning crate makes dehorning calves a safe and easy process for both animal and handler. This crate has an integrated wheel and handles for easy transportation. This crate has a quick release feature for added safety.

  • Integrated wheel and handle for easy transportation.
  • Flop frame and Paddle Push up for added safety.
  • Quick release for added safety
  • Fully hot-dip galvanised

What is the best age to disbud calves?

Where practical, calves should be disbudded while horn development is still at the horn bud stage as the horn buds are not yet attached to the skull. Consequently, the procedure involves less tissue trauma and is less stressful. Disbudding is significantly less stressful than dehorning older cattle.
• Use a cauterisation method (i.e. a heated disbudding iron) to remove the horn buds.
• A custom-built calf dehorning crate will minimise stress to the calf and ensure optimum safety to the operator

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