Mark Collins and family are currently milking 400 cows with 181ha on the Tipperary/Kilkenny border. We have worked with the Collins family on the farmyard design and grazing infrastructure. In these videos, we look at their new 60 Bail GEA Rotary, 414 roofless cubicles, calf shed, slurry storage and grazing infrastructure.

Part 1 with Mark Collins – 60 Bail GEA Rotary

Part 2 with Mark Collins – Drafting, Handling Facilities & Collecting Yard:

Part 3 with Mark Collins – Cubicles & Calf House:

Part 4 with Mark Collins – Grazing Infrastructure & Communication:

We were delighted to work with the Collins family on this project. We would like to thank Mark for his time and for showing us around the finished project.

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