Location: Carlow

Adjusted Area: 78.37 acres


  • Beef farm convrting to dairy.
  • New Paddock, Roadway & Water Layout required.
  • Farm is proposed to carry 100 Cows.

Existing Farm Map

  • A GPS survey of the farm was carried out on-site by our surveyor.
  • Positions of all existing fence lines, hedges, open drains, ESB poles, existing farm roadways and outside boundaries of the farmyard were mapped.
  • An Existing farm map was produced in the office with all paddocks numbered and areas given.
  • Adjusted area of land available to graze determined.

Existing Farm Map

Contour Map

  • A contour map was prepared to give a better idea of the lie of the land
  • This can be useful when determining the location of roadways and paddocks wires.
  • In this farm it can be seen that there is a noticeable slope south of the milking parlour location.

Contour Map

Proposed Layouts 1 & 2

  • Adjusted area determined at 78.37 acres.
  • Target stocking rate 2.55 cows/ha.
  • 100 cow farm.
  • Approx paddock size of 2.16 ha (5.33 acres) for 24hrs and 3.24 ha (8 acres) for 36hrs.
  • Proposed Layout 1 has predominantly 24 hr paddocks and proposed layout 2 has predominantly 36 hr paddocks
  • Consistent paddock size is not always achievable where hedges are present.

Proposed Layout 1

Proposed Final Layout

  • Final Layout decided following consultation with the client.
  • It was decided to go with predominately 36hr paddocks to minimize the layout cost
  • New and existing roadways give good access to all paddocks.
  • New roadways have been shaped to optimise cow flow.

Proposed Layout 2

Water Layout

  • The layout of water troughs and pipes has been designed to give the shortest route.
  • The total length of pipe and number of water troughs is provided on the Water Map drawing.
  • It is recommended to loop the system as shown, this has the result of increasing flow by 40 to 50 percent and allows for more consistent pressure and flow rates throughout the farm.
  • The water trough layout here is for the minimum number of trough, located under the wire mainly, so as to serve two paddocks.
  • We usually recommended that 2.5% of the herd should be capable of reaching a water trough at once, for a 200 cow herd this would be 5 cows.
  • A circular tank gives the maximum rim length for the size of trough.
  • A 450gal circular plastic trough has a rim length of 6.69 meters, allowing 0.45m space for each cow, this will allow 13 cows to fit around the trough at once. In locations where the water trough is located under the wire the maximum number of cows that can fit around the trough at once would be halved to 6, this still exceeds the minimum of 5 in this case.

Water Map

Kevin Cashman - Mapping Department at Grasstec Kevin Cashman – Grasstec Farm Mapping “I take information gathered by our surveyor and produce the Grasstec Farm Map which shows all existing fence lines, hedges, open drains, ESB poles and farm buildings. The Grasstec Farm Map provides a numbering system and the area of each paddock. Where new or revised layout works are requested, I use the experience I have gained from working on numerous previous farm layouts of varying sizes and complexities to give new paddock, roadway and water layouts which suit each differing situation.” Contact Kevin +353 (0)86 0837280 kcashman@grasstecgroup.com www.grasstecgroup.com