Herd Improvers-Dairy Heifer Calf Program

Our Dairy Calf Program is designed to help farmers enhance their bottom line and boost profits.

Our focus is on providing high quality stock from renowned farmers who have a proven track record of producing high milk solids year after year through selective breeding.

Grasstec Group Livestock Services can assist in selecting and sourcing groups of dairy calves tailored to any farming system. We provide all relevant information to demonstrate the performance of the source herd, ensuring that you make informed decisions when acquiring new stock.

Our goal is to assist farmers in selecting the right stock to elevate their herd’s performance. By prioritizing EBI and milk solids, we provide a huge opportunity to acquire top-tier livestock that can drive significant improvements in farm productivity and profitability.

Key Features:

  1. High Genetic Merit Stock: We offer livestock with superior genetic traits, ensuring high productivity and profitability.
  2. Genotyped: Confirm parental traits and increase the reliability of their predicted figures
  3. Profit Trait Focus: Emphasis on increasing milk solids and fertility, key traits for improving herd performance and profitability.
  4. Lower Health Risks: We facilitate farm-to-farm sales to minimize health risks and ensure the well-being of the stock, from a single, trusted source.

Co-Op Averages vs Top 10%

Herd Improvers-Dairy Heifer Calf Program

Top Groups Available:

25 Calves EBI €263 532kgs/MS

25 Calves Herd Improvers EBI €263 532kgsMS

20 Calves EBI €266 505kgs/MS

15 High Genetic Merit Calves Weaned

15 High Genetic Merit Calves

25 Calves Herd Improvers EBI €263 532kgsMS

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