We are looking for a Herdsperson to join our dairy farm business in Waterford.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone with a passion for dairy farming. The farm has a herd of 300 Holstein Friesian cows with a Spring & Autumn calving system. Cows are producing 7500 litres per annum. A strong focus is placed on animal health and getting the most out of the genetics of the animals.

The facilities on the farm are recently built from scratch on a greenfield site. A modern Boumatic Rotary is in place with high levels of technology included. Cubicles and calf rearing facilities are built adjacent to the milking facilities allowing for a very comfortable work environment.

The farm has excellent grazing infrastructure in place again all recently constructed. The farm machinery present on the farm is all modern and kept to a high standard.

This represents an excellent opportunity for someone looking to work in a positive work environment with excellent facilities in place.

Remuneration will depend on the level of experience of the applicant.

For further information please contact 087 674 6848