Herd Builder


Herd Builder

Herd Builders is a service provided by Grasstec Livestock Services to help dairy farmers improve the genetic merit of their herd and in turn make their farms more profitable.

Animal genetics is a powerful tool that allows farmers to select superior animals. Genetics involves the passing of genes (favourable and unfavourable) from parents to offspring and unlike feeding or management, it is permanent and cumulative. There is a huge range across the country in terms of genetics & performance of dairy herds from one farm to another.

Having a herd of cows that deliver high levels of milk solids, with low maintenance, high fertility ensures a profitable sustainable farm system. Some farmers realise there is room for improvement in terms of the genetic makeup of their herd.

We can help you make more profit from improved genetics and ongoing genetic gain.

We do an in-depth analysis of your herd genetics, looking at the milk price, milk recording data, milk supply data, liveweight and EBI of your herd including young stock to see if you are making genetic gain in the right places.

This information is used to maximise genetic improvement going forward on both the Sire and Dam side.

AI bull listings are continuously changing. We monitor this development and identify those bulls best placed to improve the genetic merit of your herd. Our recommendations are unbiased and impartial. We do not sell straws. All breeds and breed combinations are considered.

Genetic gain can be optimised by identifying those cows in the herd which are maximising your return and equally identifying those which are not. Knowing which is the key. Breed your replacements from the best and sell or cull those which are not. For those who sell youngstock – do you know which youngstock to sell and which to retain?

Andrew Dineen is dairy farming in Cill Na Matra, Co. Cork. Through in-depth knowledge and understanding of dairy genetics, Andrew has developed his herd from being average in most KPI’s to being in the top 1% in coop milk price, milk solids output per cow, EBI, 6-week calving interval, among other KPIs’, all cumulating to place it in the top 1% for profit per cow and per hectare in Ireland. Genetic improvement of the herd is central to this development.

In conjunction with Grasstec livestock services, Andrew is now in place to offer this knowledge to those looking to make the same gains.

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