Matthew grew up on a family dairy farm in Cheshire. He attended Reaseheath and Walford Agricultural College to study Farm Business Management. Matthew managed a progressive pedigree Holstein herd for several years before establishing a high input – high output Holstein herd in Shropshire.

In addition to this Matthew has gained experience on a 1500 cow Spring calving unit to learn more about different management systems. This experience has helped Matthew to make an easy transition into his current position with Grasstec.

Nigel comes to Grasstec with over 24 years’ experience in managing dairy herds on grass-based systems in the UK and New Zealand. He is also experienced in measuring and managing grazing on beef, sheep and dairy farms to help farmers focus on maximising quality and yield potential of their grass fields/paddocks.

Nigel’s experience in rotational grazing is used to improve utilisation and therefore the efficiency of the grazed pasture, to maintain a high-quality feed throughout the season.

Along with this, Nigel has worked with a livestock genetics company, offering a varied and high-quality cattle genetics to both dairy and beef farmers in and around Wales. This experience has help Nigel advise farmers of the best livestock to suit their system.

For more information on sourcing or selling livestock, please contact Matthew on TEL: 07 704 776242 EMAIL: or Nigel on TEL: 07973545056  EMAIL:

Grasstec provides Livestock Services including sourcing, importing and exporting of dairy livestock and the contract supply of dairy replacements to exact specifications for farmers in Ireland, UK and across Europe.

Grasstec has detailed listings of those looking to buy stock and those looking to sell and use our extensive network to make the link. The stock is viewed in advance to ensure quality before buyers are invited to view and select, with a strong reputation.

Grasstec provides for all systems, from low input grazing type to high input indoor systems, and for all dairy breed types from Jersey to Friesian to Fleckveih and many more