Bobby grew up on a dairy farm in South Limerick and completed his Green Certificate in Pallaskenry Agriculture College. Bobby has worked on numerous large dairy farms within the Munster Region. Through this experience, he has gained a large knowledge base on dairy livestock. In 2010 Bobby started organic farming and runs a suckler to beef system with all animals finished and sold to Goodherdsmen in Cahir. A keen sportsperson who enjoys Rugby, GAA, Soccer and Golf

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Grasstec provides Livestock Services including sourcing, importing and exporting of dairy livestock and the contract supply of dairy replacements to exact specifications for farmers in Ireland, UK and across Europe.

Grasstec has detailed listings of those looking to buy stock and those looking to sell and use our extensive network to make the link. The stock is viewed in advance to ensure quality before buyers are invited to view and select, with a strong reputation.

Grasstec provides for all systems, from low input grazing type to high input indoor systems, and for all dairy breed types from Jersey to Friesian to Fleckveih and many more.