Weekly Grassland Management Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm – 5th August (week 32)

Growth 75.9kg DM/ha (54.3)
AFC 668kg DM/ha (434)
Cover/cow 236kg DM (155)
Demand/ha 47.7kg DM/ha (47.7)

MS/cow 2.03kg (2.06)
Fat 4.25% (4.06)
Protein 3.56% (3.53)
*previous weeks figures in brackets

This week growth rates were up 20kg DM/ha from last week – 71.5kg in A, 94.9kg in B and 69.4kg in C. The warmer soil temperatures helped the growth of clover and increased the B paddock AFC to 908 (A is 610 and C is 521). The AFC is now back on target – next week it needs to be at 750kg DM/ha. We will increase our rotation length by 2 days every week until the 1st of September (when we should be at a 30 day rotation); so this week it will be a 24 day rotation to help build the AFC.

The milk solids are still holding well at 2kg/cow; the cows will need 18.5kg of DM intake to support this production so we may cut the meal this week to 2kg/cow. Grass quality during this period should be very good quality (if well managed) as it is not in a reproductive form and it is not under any heat stress, so there will be very little stem. If cows only need 16-17kg DM intake, this can sufficiently be obtained from grass. Work out what the cows need to intake based on milk solids; for ever kg of MS, a cow will need 6kg of DMI to produce this. Work out your Autumn Budget to see how much grass you can afford to give the cows and how much meal you will need in order to reach your target covers.


Autumn Budget

Autumn Budget Aug 5th

Agrinet Data

wedge 5th aug


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