Location: Kilkenny

Adjusted Area: 123 hectares


  • New paddock, roadway and water layout was required for this farm
  • This mapping project had an additional requirement to produce a Fencing Summary drawing to help price the new farm layout works.
  • The Fencing Summary drawing included the following; total length of fencing both double and single strand, the number of large and small strainer posts, number of five foot and six foot intermediate posts and length of proposed new roadway.
  • Farm is proposed to carry 300 cows
  • Paddocks to be designed for 36 hour grazing


Existing Farm Map

  • A GPS survey of the farm was carried out on-site by our surveyor.
  • Positions of all existing fence lines, hedges, open drains, ESB poles, existing farm roadways and outside boundaries of the farmyard mapped.
  • Existing farm map is produced in the office with all paddocks numbered and areas given.
  • Adjusted area of land available to graze determined.


Exisiting mapm


Proposed Farm Map


  • Final Layout decided following consultation with the client.
  • New and existing roadways give good access to all paddocks.
  • New roadways have been shaped to optimise cow flow.




Proposed Farm Map

Fencing Summary

A drawing was produced to help price the fencing and roadway layout works, this drawing provided the follow:

  • Total length of fencing both double and single strand.
  • Number of large and small strainer posts.
  • Number of five foot and six foot intermediate posts.
  • Length of proposed new roadway


Fencing Summary


Water Layout

  • A Water Map showing the proposed positions of all water pipes and water troughs is provided
  • The total length of pipe required is given, this can be useful when pricing the proposed works


Water system





kevin headKevin Cashman – Grasstec Farm Mapping

“I take information gathered by our surveyor and produce the Grasstec Farm Map which shows all existing fence lines, hedges, open drains, ESB poles and farm buildings. The Grasstec Farm Map provides a numbering system and the area of each paddock. Where new or revised layout works are requested, I use the experience I have gained from working on numerous previous farm layouts of varying sizes and complexities to give new paddock, roadway and water layouts which suit each differing situation.”

Contact Kevin 

T: +353 (0)86 0837280         E: kcashman@grasstecgroup.com        W: www.grasstecgroup.com