Location: Clare

Adjusted Area: 28.76 hectares


  • This is an existing client who had his Farm mapped by Grasstec in 1998
  • Paddock layout work was also carried out in 1998, paddocks were designed according to the herd size present then.
  • The herd size is now proposed to increasing therefore existing paddock are undersized.
  • It is proposed to combine existing paddocks to create larger paddocks which will be more suitable for the increased herd size.


Old Farm Map Layout

  • Grasstec has a large database of all previous mapping clients on file.
  • Any of these maps can be reprinted at any stage.
  • Layout changes can be made to reflect the current situation on the farm.
Old Farm Map

Old Farm Map


Revised Farm Map Layout

  • The paddock layout has been redesigned to increase the paddock sizes.
  • Roadways which were installed subsequent to the survey are also now shown on the Farm Map.
Revised Map Layout

Revised Map Layout


  • A drawing giving the dimensions for set out of the new paddock wires is provided to the client.
  • Dimensions are provided to know points, i.e. the corner of fields, the end of roadways or existing gaps in ditches





Kevin Cashman – Grasstec Farm Mapping

“I take information gathered by our surveyor and produce the Grasstec Farm Map which shows all existing fence lines, hedges, open drains, ESB poles and farm buildings. The Grasstec Farm Map provides a numbering system and the area of each paddock. Where new or revised layout works are requested, I use the experience I have gained from working on numerous previous farm layouts of varying sizes and complexities to give new paddock, roadway and water layouts which suit each differing situation.”

Contact Kevin 

T: +353 (0)86 0837280         E: kcashman@grasstecgroup.com        W: www.grasstecgroup.com