Location: Kildare

Adjusted Area: 36.48 hectares


  • New paddock, roadway and water layout required
  • Farm is proposed to carry 100 cows and replacement stock
  • Paddocks to be designed for 35 hour grazing


Existing Farm Map



Existing Farm Map

Existing Farm Map

Proposed Layouts 1 & 2

  • Adjusted Area determined at 36.48 hectares
  • Paddocks designed for 36 hour grazing for 100 cows
  • The target paddock size to achieve this is approximately 1.62 hectares (4 acres)
  • The available grazing area has been divided into paddocks of consistent size with 0.3 hectares of the target paddock size in most cases

Proposed Layout Option 1 Proposed Layout Option 2

Final Layout

  • Final layout decided following consultation with Client
  • The final layout is a combination of the two initial options provided
  • The client requested a different layout to the east of the farmyard incorporating paddock 6 from the Existing Farm Map.


Final Layout  dh

Water Layout

  • A Water Map showing the proposed positions of all water pipes and water troughs is provided
  • The total length of pipe required is given, this can be useful when pricing the proposed works
  • A 450 gallon circular trough located under the wire is recommended here
  • A circular trough gives the maximum ratio of rim length to trough volume
  • The 450 gallon circular trough has a rim length of 6.69m, if the recommended 0.45m of space for each cow is considered, this will allow 6 to 7 cows to fit around the trough at once when located under the wire. This will be 6 – 7 percent of the 100 cow herd which is greater than the recommended 2.5 percent.
  • The larger capacity tank also provides a buffer water supply in times of high demand
  • For the 100 cow herd the demand can be calculated as follows:
  • Assuming a daily demand of 80 litres per cow, 50% of which is consumed within the three hour period after evening milking.
  • The hourly flow rate required per cow = (80 x 0.5)/3 = 13 litres/cow/hour
  • The flow rate for the herd = 13 x 100 = 1,300 litres/hour = 21 litres/minute
  • A flowrate of 40 litres/minute can be achieved if a 1/2inch ballcock is used and a pressure of 2 bar is maintained at the trough.
  • It is recommended to loop the system as shown, this has the result of increasing flow by 40 to 50 percent and allows for more consistent pressure and flow rates throughout the farm.
  • A pipe with diameter of 2 inches is recommended as the greater the diameter of the pipe the less pressure is lost due to pipe friction.

Water Layout Map

Water Map



kevin headKevin Cashman – Grasstec Farm Mapping

“I take information gathered by our surveyor and produce the Grasstec Farm Map which shows all existing fence lines, hedges, open drains, ESB poles and farm buildings. The Grasstec Farm Map provides a numbering system and the area of each paddock. Where new or revised layout works are requested, I use the experience I have gained from working on numerous previous farm layouts of varying sizes and complexities to give new paddock, roadway and water layouts which suit each differing situation.”

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