Gerald and Henry Dunne farm in partnership on a fully indoor system. The Dunne’s successfully transition from a 12-unit herringbone parlour to three Lely Astronaut A5 milking robots in 2019. The new development consists of 196 cubicles, with drafting, separation area and calving area under one roof. Two Lely Discovery scrapers and the Lely Juno for pushing in the feed. 

Part 1: A look through the infrastructure

Part 2: Livestock

Currently milking 170, 85% Holstein with Friesian. 60:40 Spring, Autumn split calving, with the aim to move to all year round calving keeping 190 cows milking. Breeding focused on fertility & milk solids. Current product of  8,500 LTRS, 680 Kg/Ms/cow, Fat %: 4.3 and Protein % 3.5.

Part 3: Lely Juno & Slurry Lagoon