Experienced contract calf rearer available, located in East Limerick. 

Capacity for up to  80 calves for rearing from 10days/2 weeks of age to milk weaning stage or to continue to contract rear those calves for the year, until early November on grass.

Vaccinate for Pneumonia upon arrival, dehorning will also be carried out on farm.

Calf pens are power washed, disinfected, limed and filled with shredded pallets at start of the season. Straw is added on top of the shredded pallets see photos and video

Option available to take up to 50+ Bulling heifers for contract rearing from March to end October 2021.

Majority of Land is very Dry and reseeded in recent years.

There has been no TB on the land for over 40 years

For more information contact: 087 655 5260

Contract calf rearing 2021