Mapping Project - Beef To Dairy Conversion

Location: Carlow Adjusted Area: 78.37 acres Details: Beef farm convrting to dairy. New Paddock, Roadway & Water Layout required. Farm is proposed to carry 100 Cows. Existing Farm Map A GPS survey of the farm was…
Roadway design

Crushed Rock for Farm Roadways

A major part of converting to dairying is having the farm well laid out with roadways to make moving cows from the parlour to their paddocks, and back as efficient as possible. New roadways can be expensive and add significantly to the cost…
Dairy Farm Roadway Design
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Reduce chances of injury to dairy livestock and improve cow flow with well designed roadways

Cow flow needs to be to the fore in any farmers mind when designing and maintaining cow roadways. There isn’t much justification for a 5 meter cow track if they are only willing to walk on half of it. If your cows are only walking on a portion…