Farm Mapping Dimensions

Farm Mapping Project of the Week

Location: Clare Adjusted Area: 28.76 hectares Details: This is an existing client who had his Farm mapped by Grasstec in 1998 Paddock layout work was also carried out in 1998, paddocks were designed according to the herd size present…
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Body Condition Score Management

  Our first November in a non-quota environment is new territory for many. Historically thoughts would have been firmly fixed on getting the herd dried off in preparation for spring and also to avoid superlevy. Not so this year. With…
Jordan from Grasstec livestock Services
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Weekly Grassland Management Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm No.12 – 31th August (week 36). Building grass covers again.

Weekly Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm – 30th August (week 36) KPIs Growth 75kg DM/ha (26.1)             AFC 667kg DM/ha (463) Cover/cow 259kg DM (162) Demand/ha 33.5kg DM/ha (37.2)   MS/cow 1.82kg (1.83) Fat 4.61%…
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Farm Mapping Project of the Week No.2

Location: Kildare Adjusted Area: 36.48 hectares Details: New paddock, roadway and water layout required Farm is proposed to carry 100 cows and replacement stock Paddocks to be designed for 35 hour grazing   Existing…
Lely Grazeway
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The Grazeway Gate - How does it Work?

by Jordan Molloy Grassland Consultant   The Grazeway Gate is a selection gate. It installed at the exit point of the shed – it is the only way possible for a cow to exit the shed. The Grazeway Gate identifies each cow through her responder.…
Burnt patches can be seen like this mainly in the A paddocks
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Weekly Grassland Management Diary of a Robot Grazing Farm No.4 July 5th Week 28

Weekly Grassland Management Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm – 5th July (week 28) KPIs Growth 50.3kg DM/ha (70.8)              AFC 614kg DM/ha (592) Cover/cow 186kg DM (180) Demand/ha 49.5 kg DM/ha (49.5)   MS/cow 1.96kg…
Grasstec Group
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Luxembourg Robotic Milking Group Trip to Ireland

Autograss Milk – Luxembourg Group Trip to Ireland From the 25th to the 27th of May Grasstec were happy to host a group of farmers, researchers and consultants from Luxembourg who made the trip over for this exciting meeting. The purpose of…