Final Farm Layout

Mapping Project of the Week - Farm map for two farms going into partnership

Location: Westmeath Adjusted Area: 79.45 hectares Details: Two farms going into partnership New Roadway, water trough and paddock layout required The farm is proposed to carry 120 cows   Existing Farm Map A GPS survey…
Whiteboards for Farm Mapping

Mapping Project of the Week - 9 - Using a Whiteboard as a Farm Management Tool

Location: Cork Adjusted Area: 47.86 hectares Details: • Mapping of this farm was first carried out in 2014 with additional land subsequently mapped in 2015 • Paddock and roadway layout work was carried out in 2014 with the intention…
YARD layout

What’s the Wisdom of Contract Rearing Replacement Livestock?

It is only natural that the removal of the Milk Quota within the EU has lent itself to increased volumes of production in 2015. In all likelihood, this pattern will continue in the coming years and as production increases there will be…
The Dry Period

The Dry Period

As we approach a quieter time on most farms across the country, we look at the key points about the dry period. Firstly if you haven’t dried any cows, it’s now the time to start -  cows need a minimum of  8 weeks dry before calving. …

Mapping Project 12 - Ordnance Survey Maps vs. Grasstec Maps

See the difference between the Ordnance Survey Map created in the mid 19th century in comparison to a Grasstec map of the same farm created in the 21st century. A lot of changes made in the mean time!  

Forge Genetics in Association with Grasstec - High EBI Natural Services Bulls for Sale

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national digital week

National Digital Week - Skibbereen, Co.Cork

This week we attended the National Digital Week in Skibbereen where a series of presentations were given on the future of digital technology.  The timing was unusual, given the Web Summit in Dublin this week.  The organisers clearly had well-placed…
cows for sale

Body Condition Score Management

  Our first November in a non-quota environment is new territory for many. Historically thoughts would have been firmly fixed on getting the herd dried off in preparation for spring and also to avoid superlevy. Not so this year. With…
New Automatic Milking System

Mapping Project of the Week - 7 - Automatic Milking System Layout

Location: Tipperary Adjusted Area: 28.24 hectares Details: A new paddock and roadway layout were required for this farm suitable for an Automatic Milking System. An ABC grazing system is to be employed here. Farm is proposed to…
YARD layout


Autograssmilk is a joint European research project. The objective is the development and implementation of improved sustainable farming systems that integrate the grazing of dairy cows with robotic milking systems (RMS), appropriate to the different…