Mapping Project - Beef To Dairy Conversion

Location: Carlow Adjusted Area: 78.37 acres Details: Beef farm convrting to dairy. New Paddock, Roadway & Water Layout required. Farm is proposed to carry 100 Cows. Existing Farm Map A GPS survey of the farm was…
whiteboards for farmyard design by Grasstec Group

Revising maps and using whiteboards

Farm Mapping Location: Kildare Adjusted Area: 28.76 hectares Details: This is an existing client who had his farm mapped by Grasstec in 2014. Additional land has been subsequently added to the farm, this land was required to be added…
Proposed Farm Map Dimensions
Proposed Final Layout

Mapping Project 16 - New Farm Layout for Expanding Herd

Location: Kilkenny Adjusted Area: 31.48 hectares Details: Existing Dairy Farm currently milking 60 cows increasing to 100 cows. New Paddock, Roadway & Water Layout required. The target stocking rate will be 3.2 cows/ha with…

Mapping Project 12 - Ordnance Survey Maps vs. Grasstec Maps

See the difference between the Ordnance Survey Map created in the mid 19th century in comparison to a Grasstec map of the same farm created in the 21st century. A lot of changes made in the mean time!