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Farm Mapping Project of the Week

Location: Clare Adjusted Area: 28.76 hectares Details: This is an existing client who had his Farm mapped by Grasstec in 1998 Paddock layout work was also carried out in 1998, paddocks were designed according to the herd size present…
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Farm Mapping Project of the Week

Location: Kilkenny Adjusted Area: 123 hectares Details: New paddock, roadway and water layout was required for this farm This mapping project had an additional requirement to produce a Fencing Summary drawing to help price the…
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Low Milk Price - Cutting Your Cloth 2

Part 2 of the recent paper presented at the IGA conference, Noel Gowen outlines what we know is a very important driver of profit – Grass Utilisation. Optimising grass utilisation relative to the farms ability to grow is the basis of a resilient…

Low Milk Price - Cutting your Cloth!

For the second January in succession much of the discussion at farm in Ireland and the UK revolves around milk price volatility and projections going forward. The short-term outlook is relatively poor and unfortunately for many, the projected…
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What’s the Wisdom of Contract Rearing Replacement Livestock?

It is only natural that the removal of the Milk Quota within the EU has lent itself to increased volumes of production in 2015. In all likelihood, this pattern will continue in the coming years and as production increases there will be…
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Body Condition Score Management

  Our first November in a non-quota environment is new territory for many. Historically thoughts would have been firmly fixed on getting the herd dried off in preparation for spring and also to avoid superlevy. Not so this year. With…
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Farm Mapping Project of the Week - 5

Location: Laois Adjusted Area: 138 hectares Details: Farm mapping of the existing farm using our GPS Equipment was required New paddock, roadway and water layout for the farm Once the Layout is decided upon, set out of the new…
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Weekly Grassland Management Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm No.11 – 24th August (week 35). Low Growth Rates.

Weekly Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm – 24th August (week 35) KPIs Growth 26.1kg DM/ha (33.5)             AFC 463kg DM/ha (529) Cover/cow 162kg DM (188) Demand/ha 37.2kg DM/ha (37.2)   MS/cow 1.83kg (1.97) Fat 4.41%…
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Farm Mapping Project of the Week No.2

Location: Kildare Adjusted Area: 36.48 hectares Details: New paddock, roadway and water layout required Farm is proposed to carry 100 cows and replacement stock Paddocks to be designed for 35 hour grazing   Existing…