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What are the benefits of using Grasstec?

We act as sales agents between buyers & sellers of livestock.  We make the sourcing & selling of livestock an efficient and hassle free process.  Through our database of customers we have an active list of farmers who have livestock to sell. We match the list of sellers to customers who are looking for livestock

For farmers looking to sell livestock we only bring farmers who have been carefully selected based on the stock they require to purchase.  We bring the buyers to the farms that are selling livestock and assist with the viewing.

Both the buyer and seller negotiate a price that is agreeable to both parties ensuring a transparent sale process.

No Stock Movement without payment in advance.

For farmers looking to purchase livestock we carefully vet animals based on the buyers criteria.

We only take buyers to see livestock that have been vetted.

Spread of disease is minimised when buying through our agency opposed to buying through a livestock mart.

Why do farmers recommend using your services?

Because we offer a fast, efficient, transparent & hassle free livestock agency service.

Do you sell small groups of animals or complete herds?

We sell both small groups of animals and complete dairy herds where a farmer is existing milk production.

Do you sell beef animals?

Yes we assist in the sale of beef animals farm to farm and the export of beef animals to the Middle East.

How do you charge for the service?

We charge a percentage fee on the agreed sale price of the animals 

Can you organise Transportation?

Yes we can organise transport of the animals – we have a listing of hauliers throughout the country to get you a competitive quotation.

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