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Why Grasstec for Cattle Exports

We are the largest Exporter of dairy livestock in Ireland

Grasstec receives regular inquiries and orders from clients in the UK and Europe. We source stock for clients looking to improve the genetics of their existing herd or looking to set up a new dairy herd. We can also provide stock to mainland Europe, Russia, France, and the Middle East, including the Lebanon, Morocco, and Jordan, among others.

We can provide the following categories of livestock: In-calf Heifers, Maiden Heifers, Mature Dairy Cows, Full Herds, Heifer Calves and Stock Bulls.

  • Our team have expert knowledge of the dairy cattle industry with a unique procurement base in Ireland.

  • We build strong relationships with both the buyers and sellers based on trust and strive to source quality dairy livestock with high EBI records.

  • We have a large database of livestock for sale.

  • We are passionate about good animal welfare and provide quality transportation practices when moving cattle.

  • We take care of the health testing, documentation and transportation to make the sales process for farmers as simple as possible.

The Export Sales Process

Prior to Purchase

  • Sourcing and identification of Stock of suitable breed, quality and price
  • EBIs and testing information
  • Background of herd

On Selection Day

  • Facilitation of viewing of livestock
  • Record of all selected cows, ensuring that they match the specified criteria

After Selection Day

  • Planning of transport if required
  • Organisation of billing and payments
  • Communicating with both buyers and sellers with regards to moving, payments and movement certificates organised


We will plan the transport and logistics involved in exporting cows to a buyer outside of Ireland and to ensure that contractual obligations are met. We will organise pre-delivery inspections to check the condition of the cows being exported and we handle documentations in the process. The Grasstec team will liaise with the Department of Agriculture in regard to livestock inspections, permits, collection and delivery to lairages.


Finance solutions for farmers in Northern Ireland and UK

Farmers looking to purchase dairy stock through Grasstec should consider Hire Purchase Finance from Wadland Finance who are based in Gloucestershire. Flexible finance option are available. No Deposits required. 1st payment due one month after delivery. Further detail at www.wadlandfinance.co.uk

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