Farm Mapping Dimensions

Farm Mapping Project of the Week

Location: Clare Adjusted Area: 28.76 hectares Details: This is an existing client who had his Farm mapped by Grasstec in 1998 Paddock layout work was also carried out in 1998, paddocks were designed according to the herd size present…
Grazing Holsteins - Livestock for sale
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Dairy Expansion - Grass is Key

Dairy Expansion - Grass is Key by Jordan Molloy Grassland Consultant   Now that we’re quota free, farmers are looking to expand their herd size. Recently I was at a discussion group; a farmer had just leased more land and so wondered…
Grasstec Group
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Luxembourg Robotic Milking Group Trip to Ireland

Autograss Milk – Luxembourg Group Trip to Ireland From the 25th to the 27th of May Grasstec were happy to host a group of farmers, researchers and consultants from Luxembourg who made the trip over for this exciting meeting. The purpose of…
livestock for sale Ireland and the UK

TAMS II grants set to benifit 4,000 farmers

The Young Farmers Capital Investment Scheme was launched on May 14 with in the region of 4,000 applications from farmers set to be accepted for grants. According to the Department of Agriculture a budget of €120m has been made available to…
Autumn grassland management
preparation of farm costings

Sterling at an 18 month high against the Euro

Thursday 5th June, 2014 Timely Boost to the strength of Sterling against the Euro Sterling jumped to 18-month highs against the euro today after the European Central Bank (ECB) cut interest rates to record lows in an effort to stimulate growth…
Importing Irish dairy cows into the UK
Farm Drainage Techniques
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Grazing Infrastructure Demonstration

We participated at a Teagasc Farm Walk in Waterford where the focus of discussion included grazing infrastructure for expanding herds.     Since the introduction of quotas in Ireland herd sizes have stayed stagnant on a lot of…
Drain Maintenance
Dairy Farm Roadway Design
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Reduce chances of injury to dairy livestock and improve cow flow with well designed roadways

Cow flow needs to be to the fore in any farmers mind when designing and maintaining cow roadways. There isn’t much justification for a 5 meter cow track if they are only willing to walk on half of it. If your cows are only walking on a portion…