Land Registry

Grasstec Land Registry provides a professional registration service both in the agricultural and commercial sectors

The Procedure Is As Follows:

A Survey of the boundaries in question is carried out using the latest in GPS technology. This technology is used to create a new boundary when transferring or selling a new site. We confirm that the boundaries illustrated on the map match the actual boundaries. Digital copies of land Registry Compliant Maps are obtained from OSI and the transfer of boundaries are superimposed on these Maps. Maps are completed for Land Registry purposes and forwarded to acting Solicitor for the Client.

This service can be utilised for the following:

  • Buying or selling Land or Property

  • Transfer of Land between family members or any Individual

  • First Registration of unregistered Land or Property

  • Reclaimed Land to be registered

  • Provisions of a right of way through Land

  • Land Transfer for security against a loan or Mortgage

  • We can work directly with your solicitor

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