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Grasstec offers a market leading Farmyard Design Service in Ireland, the UK and across Europe.

Whether you wish to upgrade or extend your existing facilities, develop a greenfield site or put a 10 year development plan in place, Grasstec can help you deliver the most labour efficient and cost-effective layout.

Our Farmyard Design Department has experience in managing diverse and challenging projects. Our qualified engineers are from farming backgrounds and we have a wide range of skills and experience from sectors including agriculture, civil engineering, surveying and project management.

We pride ourselves on our efficient layouts and detailed drawings. We offer a consistently high quality and commercially independent service.

At Grasstec we offer a range of services from our Farmyard Design Department; from on-site consultations, surveys, conceptual designs and 2D drawings to 3D models.

Give our Farmyard Design Team a call to discuss our services.

How the process works

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses your farmyard design service?

  • Farmers who are looking to expand their existing facilities and want to ensure they plan their developments carefully by looking at all options on paper first.
  • Those who have expanded their herds in recent years but facilities like the milking parlour & cubicle housing have now become too small to handle the expanding herd.
  • Farmers looking to develop new farmyards on greenfield sites.

What are the common mistakes made by farmers who don’t take time to plan developments within their farmyard?

  • Buildings can be constructed in a location that prevents the expansion of the farmyard in a particular direction
  • Poor cow flow often results from poorly planned yards
  • Cost over runs are common where no detailed drawings or levels have been noted in advance of building project

Have your designers farming experience?

  • All our farmyard designers have first-hand experience of farming having grown up on farms. This experience combined with degrees in Civil Engineering allow our designers provide practical design to any farm development.

Are sites surveyed?

Yes we survey the site where any development is proposed. We using the latest GPS & Robotic Total Stations to determine the levels, field boundaries and position of existing buildings.

Why do sites need to be surveyed?

A lot of important information is provided by a site survey especially in terms of the levels present on a site. Ignoring levels can prove very costly especially if one has to buy in a lot of stone to fill up a site.  It’s always cheaper to work with gravity as opposed to against it.

Do you prepare planning applications?

Yes we provide a nationwide service preparing and submitting planning applications. See a link here for further information.

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