Water System Design

An effective water supply infrastructure will enhance productivity, reduce costs and increase on farm efficiency in daily operations.Grasstec can provide the technology and expertise to design your new water systems for paddocks.

Key Features

  • The best route for any new water system is planned on paper before commencing installation work.

  • Accurate quantities of piping and general fittings required will be identified and budgeted for in advance of starting the work.

  • Grasstec provide specific locations for the troughs either under the wire shared between two paddocks or alternatively in the middle of a field.

  • Exact dimensions are supplied for you to locate the trough Position in each paddock. Alternatively, your Grasstec technician will locate the position using our GPS equipment.

  • Once pipes have been laid your Grasstec technician will map the position of the piping so that the farmer can always locate the pipe in the future if required.

  • Important locations such as valve boxes can be identified on the map making them easy to find when required.

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