Paddock and Roadway Design Service

Grasstec can create the most efficient layout for your farm to create a new grazing infrastructure.

We work with a number of different situations including;

  • Existing dairy farms expanding and need to increase average paddock sizes
  • Farms where the water supply is no longer sufficient to meet demand and a new water trough and pipe supply is required
  • Farms where additional land is leased or purchased and needs to be integrated into the main farm
  • Greenfield dairy setups where a complete plan is created for grazing infrastructure
  • Beef or tillage farms converting to dairy production

The design phase includes discussion of the following key points;

  • Future plans in terms of the herd size on the farm
  • Effective hectares available for grazing
  • Stocking Rate
  • A preference for 24 hour, 36 hour or more flexible grazing routines
  • Parts of the farm that are wet and require additional access

Various design options are looked at to make best use of the land & resources available.

How does the process work?

An accurate map of the farm is required before the design process can commence. The map is provided by using the latest GPS technology which is mounted on a quad bike. Our surveyors drive around the farm and take measurements at key location all across the farm which are combined to create this map.

Implementation of the Plan

Dimensions are provided on a detailed plan with instructions on how to locate new strainer post positions, roadway locations & water trough positions.

Alternatively where required, we can position all important locations by re-visiting the site and marking the locations with our GPS equipment.

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