Grazing Infrastructure for Robotic Milking System

Robotic Milking Systems (RMS) are growing in popularity as dairy farmers use the technology to optimise milk from grass. Designing grazing systems to compliment the RMS routine is key to it’s successful operation.

We have worked with projects in Ireland such as the recent Robotic Milking System (RMS) set up by Teagasc in Moorepark, Fermoy and a similar project with the French Agricultural Research Insititute at Derval.

  • Grazing systems for RMS require thought in terms of design in order for the system to function practically and efficiently.

  • A grazing layout for a conventional dairy farm will not work as effectively with a RMS. RMS require a unique layout to allow for the efficient grazing of grass.

  • Grazing Systems are designed in either as AB Systems (2 x 12 hour grazing blocks) or as ABC Systems (3 x 8 hour grazing blocks).

  • Access by the cows to any of the blocks is designed such that cows can access each block independent.

  • New roadways are designed so the distance from the roadway to the boundary hedge is a manageable distance to erect temporary fence lines. New roadways may only be 6ft (2m)wide, known as a cowpath.

  • Multiple entries from the roadway to the paddocks are a key requirement

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