Grasstec’s Farm Mapping Service provides accurate and user friendly maps to farmers. The majority of maps that farmers have were first created in the middle of the 19th Century. Since then many changes to the layout of farms have occurred. The maps Grasstec provide reflect the current layout of a farm and all the measurements are adjusted areas.

Benefits of the service

  • All measurements provided are adjusted areas and reflect the area of land on the farm.

  • The farmer can make more efficient use of fertilisers & sprays by knowing the exact area of a field.

  • A Grasstec map is an excellent communication tool especially where farm relief staff are employed and where contractors carry out work on the farm.

  • The accuracy of feed budgeting is improved by knowing the adjusted areas of paddocks.

  • Fertiliser & slurry applications are recorded on the map as they are applied.

  • All maps are provided with a scale that allows one measure length of fence line or hedge for example.

Mapping Process


A Grasstec operative calls to the farm and with the use of a quad bike will drive all the boundaries of the farm and will record all the relevant information as he drives around the farm. Information gathered will include the following;

  • Position of any existing fence lines
  • Hedges
  • Open drains
  • ESB Poles
  • Existing farm roadways
  • Outside boundary of farmyard


The data from the survey will be taken back to our office where some editing will be done .


The first draft of the map will be sent back to the client for review. The landowner will need to confirm if the general appearance of the map looks correct. Fields numbers can be added at this stage. Once all changes required are confirmed this map is sent back to our offices from where will finalise the layout of the maps. Note: At this stage one needs to highlight any changes to layout such as adjusting paddock sizes.


Finals maps are printed and laminated and then issued to the client.

Changes to be made to existing Grasstec Maps

At any stage, if a farmer require changes or adjustments to the layout of the farm map please contact us by either posting back the relevant changes or scanning and emailing the changes on the map to info@grasstecgroup.com

Click here to see a range of mapping products. Alternatively contact us at +353 (0)22 27610

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