Ploughing Championships

Grasstec at the National Ploughing Championships

So the National Ploughing Championships are over for 2015. Thankfully the weather was generally very good again this year, making life easier for all concerned! Traffic was well managed in and out of event, with mostly minimal delays. On…
grass testing

Farm Mapping Project of the Week - 5

Location: Laois Adjusted Area: 138 hectares Details: Farm mapping of the existing farm using our GPS Equipment was required New paddock, roadway and water layout for the farm Once the Layout is decided upon, set out of the new…
Jordan from Grasstec livestock Services
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Weekly Grassland Management Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm No.13 – 10th September (week 37). Cows are milking well.

Weekly Diary of Robotic Grazing Farm – 10th September (week 37) KPIs Growth 46kg DM/ha (75)             AFC 730kg DM/ha (667) Cover/cow 283kg DM (259) Demand/ha 44kg DM/ha (33.5)   MS/cow 1.83kg (1.82) Fat 4.7%…
farm design in process

Farmyard Design

At Grasstec we offer a class leading Farmyard Design Service. Our clients benefit from maximising the return for their capital investment. Whether you are looking to improve or extend existing facilities, develop a green field site or put a…