cattle movement in Ireland

Movement of Animals in Ireland

Ireland has operated an animal identification and tracking system for cattle since the 1950's. Every animal is individually numbered, by way of a tag on each animal’s ear with a uniquely numbered tag and this is accompanied by cattle identity…
milk quota in the UK

Abolition of the UK Milk Quota 2015

In 2009, the national milk quota regime was introduced as part of the health check. It was agreed that quotas would be increased at a rate of 1% annually. The milk quotas currently in place for the United Kingdom and Ireland are set to be abolished…
Grasstec Dairy Services

Launching Services for Dairy Farmers in Ireland & the UK

Includes limited promotion We have created this NEW FARMERS WEBSITE for the dairy sector and would love your feedback, good or bad! When you have 10 minutes, please browse this site and let us know what you think so we can improve your…
preparation of farm costings

Sterling at an 18 month high against the Euro

Thursday 5th June, 2014 Timely Boost to the strength of Sterling against the Euro Sterling jumped to 18-month highs against the euro today after the European Central Bank (ECB) cut interest rates to record lows in an effort to stimulate growth…